Discover the comprehensive Master of Supply Chain Management program at Penn State, offered in a traditional classroom setting at the University Park campus. This 30-credit program spans two academic semesters, combining core coursework and elective options. Explore the curriculum, including courses such as Supply Chain Analysis, Supply Chain Management, and Supply Chain Design and Strategy (Capstone Course). Prepare for a successful career in supply chain management.

This 30-credit Master of Supply Chain Management program, offered in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting with dedicated course sections on Penn State’s University Park campus, begins in the fall semester and concludes in May of the following year. Each semester builds upon the required semester before it, creating a laddered educational experience that helps every student succeed, regardless of background or experience.

The program spans two academic semesters with 6 credits of chosen electives and 24 credits of core coursework, including a culminating capstone experience. 

Core Coursework (24 credits)

  • SCM 830: Supply Chain Analysis
  • SCM 800: Supply Chain Management
  • SCM 801: Supply Chain Performance Metrics and Financial Analysis
  • SCM 822: Supply Management
  • SCM 842: Operations Management and Demand Fulfillment
  • SCM 846: Emerging Topics in Supply Chain Management 
  • SCM 860: Supply Chain Transformation and Innovation 
  • SCM 850: Supply Chain Design and Strategy (Capstone Course)